Types Of Pizza Dough

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Pizza dough has a significant impact on the overall taste and the type of dough used in a recipe will vary. For example, if you are making grilled pizza, lean Neapolitan style dough is a great choice to use. If you want something classic and timeless, you cannot go wrong with a New York style pizza dough. As a restaurant owner, it is critical to develop a dough recipe that suits the style of pizza that you make. Start with a basic recipe for your freshly made pizza dough, like New York style, Neapolitan style, or sicilian style and then customize the recipe.

New York style dough

When most Americans think of pizza, they think of New York style pizza. This style is known for its thin crust. If the pizza slice is bent slightly in the center, the sides should hold straight under the support of the crust.

New York style pizza dough is made with all-purpose or bread flour, sugar, salt, instant yeast, olive oil, and water. The oil and sugar are critical for the distinctive texture and flavor of New York pizza. The sugar also helps the crust brown evenly at a lower oven temperature. You can mix the dough in a stand mixer or food processor. Most New York style crusts are cooked in gas fired or coal fired ovens.

Neapolitan style dough

A Neapolitan style pizza is simultaneously one of the simplest and most complicated to create. While there are very few ingredients in the dough recipe, the extreme cooking temperature leaves no room for error. You want Neapolitan pizza dough to stretch out easily, creating a dramatic rise and nice charring in the oven. With a high protein, extra-fine ground flour, Neapolitan has its own texture and can absorb more water than other types of dough without getting soupy.

The only ingredients that you need for Neapolitan style pizza are all-purpose or bread flour, salt, instant yeast, and water. Seek out a finely milled Italian style brand of flour. Also, use a no-knead mixing method and a long cold ferment, in which the dough rises for three to five days in the refrigerator. This combination of techniques produces a flavorful dough that takes very little effort. Once you have mixed the dough, cover it and let it sit for the required cold ferment time before making your pizza.

Sicilian style dough

Sicilian style pizza is simple and quick to make. Because you can make the dough with a stand mixer bowl and an oiled sheet tray, you will not have to stretch or roll it. This process saves time and prevents needing to clean up a messy counter. Depending on where you eat Sicilian style pizza, the density and amount of chewiness will vary. For example, in New York, the crust is an inch and a half thick and boasts rich layers of tomato sauce enhanced with garlic and mozzarella cheese. In comparison, when Sicilian style pizza is prepared in a square shape, the crust is slightly thinner and chewier.

No matter how you like to make your Sicilian style pizza, the basic dough recipe is the same. The dough consists of all-purpose or bread flour, salt, instant yeast, olive oil, and water. Any type of inexpensive, readily available flour will work just fine. A stand mixer is optimal for the preparation. A food processor will not work, and no-knead methods have lengthy rise times.

The key for Sicilian style dough is to coat the bottom of the baking sheet with olive oil. The oil fries the crust, making it extra crisp and flavorful. The high water content in Sicilian crust enables it to stretch itself. Once you have mixed your dough, place it on the oiled baking sheet, cover it lightly, and let it spread itself out. You may need to do just a tiny bit of hand stretching right before you add the toppings and bake the pizza.

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