The Weird Pizza Toppings You Won’t Believe Exist

Thursday, June 20th, 2019
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Pizza is delicious. You’d be hard pressed to make a bad pizza, but there are definitely some weird and strange pizza toppings out there. And we’ve managed to put together a list of the winners of what we consider weird and gross pizza toppings.

Try them, if you dare!

Pineapple as the most loved and most hated pizza topping

“Pineapple by itself. Pineapple is fine with ham. Delicious with ham even. Husband bought just a pineapple pizza once and for a brief moment I regretted ever knowing him.” – PM_ME_YOUR_MEN

Pineapple is a divisive topic. It’s either loved or hated. It’s controversial to the extent that even world leaders have spoken out loudly against pineapple toppings, skirting with threats to outlaw it completely. Iceland’s president made an initially compelling case against pineapple as a pizza topping that ultimately fell flat when he suggested people choose seafood as a topping instead.

Peepza: Peeps on Pizzaweird and gross pizza topping


You read that correctly.

There is more than one incident of Peeps or marshmallows being used as a pizza topping. They usually emerge around Easter, when these type of sugary treats enjoy peak popularity.

You can look at the full photo story debacle here. 


People had a lot to say about seafood when it is used as a pizza topping. And seafood comes in so many varieties.


“It tastes like someone just poured a thick line of salt down the center of my pizza slice” – Raze321

Tunatuna melt pizza

Tuna as a pizza topping has consistently been named on the “worst of the worst” lists for pizza toppings.

“this made me gag. I can take a lot food-wise but tuna + corn?” – Schmetterlingus

Most of the reactions to tuna pizza follow the common theme.

“You had me dry heaving at tuna.” – Salad_Donkey

Peas and Mayonnaise

This is the pizza that caused Twitter to riot. The user named @FOX152 posted this unlikely topping combination of peas and mayonnaise to his feed and the flurry of emotions that resulted was outstanding.

One user simply asked him

While the PR team for Hellman’s brand of mayonnaise immediately jumped on the opportunity to boost their visibility.

While some are actually piqued by the combination and express a desire to try some, they’re overshadowed by the ones who are appalled that such a gross pizza topping exists.

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