The Short History Of Pizza Delivery: From Naples to Outer Space

Saturday, April 4th, 2020
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Pizza is a classic meal. Warm, cheesy, filling—and only a phone call away in virtually any location in the world you might find yourself. If you think we’re stretching the truth, remember that Pizza Hut delivered to astronauts in outer space for the very first time in 1997. So, ha!

But, if we’re going to wax poetic on pizza making it to outer space, we would do well to pay homage to the origins of pizza delivery. 

Think about it, how did pizza evolve beyond the pizza parlors and find themselves snug in a delivery bag, barreling towards a destination? 

The Very First Pizza Delivery

Picture it. Naples, Italy. 1998.

King Umberto I and his queen, Margherita of Savoy, rulers of Italy, are hungry and bored to death with their usual meals. After catching wind of a popular cafe, they send their request that chef Raffaele Esposito bring them one of his wildly popular creations: a pizza with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. 

Esposito rose to the occasion, quickly producing his gourmet creation and whisking them away from his pizzeria to their royal destination. Thus, the very first pizza delivery ever recorded was made. 

His pizza was an instant favorite with the queen, who loved the gourmand pie so much that it was eventually termed margherita pizza in her honor. 

Post-War Pizza Boom

Skipping ahead to 1945. World War II is over and the American soldiers have returned home. Those who spent time in Italy had become familiar with the magic of pizza and quickly flocked to the pizzerias nestled in Italian communities. 

Now, where in America are most of the Italian immigrant communities to be found? New York City. 

The steadily growing popularity of pizza in New York City led to the emergence of orders of “take home pizza” in handy containers for easy transport.

On the opposite coast, Los Angeles took the cue from the New York City trend of take home pizza and began to offer pizza that could be taken to homes. Pizzerias on the west coast had their employees delivering pizza orders to homes upon request— a sign that pizza delivery was about to hit its full stride.

“Mama Mia, Welcome To the ‘60s” 

With the 1960s, life was picking up pace for everyone. From fast food to fast cars, American culture gained serious momentum–including the pizza industry. This decade saw the emergence of the delivery driver. With the food industry producing food for a highly mobile society that now moved around mainly by car, delivery drivers became star players for the pizzerias and burger joints that popped up during this era. 

Pizza Online

When the internet rolled around in the 90’s, so did the first rumblings of online orders. The novel concept of ordering pizza online took quite some time to take hold. PizzaNet was the first experimental venture that centered around ordering pizza online. But as the decade came to a close, the ability to order pizza online became commonplace. 

There’s An App For That

By 2009, smartphones changed everything we know about the world today–including pizza delivery. With the rise of iOS and Android phones, pizza chains released apps for download. With these apps, online orders were taken to the palm of the hand, where they could be tracked all the way to their delivery. 

Beyond The Outer Edge of Space

Pizza delivery continues to impress everyone. And just like the World Wide Web shocked everyone, in 2016 pizza chains surprised everyone again with pizza delivery by drone.Basically, an automated drone will deliver your favorite pizza directly to your door.

What do you think will be next? Driverless pizza delivery? Flying cars? There’s a whole new world and different ways to get your pizza fix head of us!

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