The Scariest Things That Happened to Pizza Delivery Drivers

Saturday, May 25th, 2019
pizza delivery boxes in creepy window

If you’re a nice human, you’ve already realized pizza delivery men and women are the unsung heroes of the food industry. So what if they’re not the ones in the kitchen perfecting the cheese-to-sauce ratio or seeing what else can be stuffed inside of a pizza crust? They’re driving from point A to point B — often in their own car, at all hours of the night — to hand off the ultimate lazy food to you and your lazy friends. And turns out, they risk their lives to do so: Every year, a good chunk of pizza delivery people are robbed, held up at gun point, or just creeped out AF. The Bureau of Labor Statistics — yes, an official government unit — has even ranked job as one of America’s most dangerous. Take a look at some Redditors’ insane stories for proof:

“I fed him his last meal.”

“Delivered to a guy three weeks ago at a hotel. 6 hours later, the cops raided his room and shot him. I fed him his last meal.” – edave22

“They threatened to kill me if I told on them.”

“I was robbed once. I knocked on the door and they opened up with [a gun]. Two smaller men grabbed me and pulled me through the door and onto the parlor room floor. They beat me up, stole my cash, and threatened to kill me and my family if I told on them.” – Coderbuddy

“There was a stench of blood.”

“When the guy came to the door, there was a huge stench of blood and a pool of something that looked like dried blood the size of a tablecloth. I saw all this for about three seconds as the guy opened his door, stepped out, and shut the door behind himself so I couldn’t see in. I very nonchalantly conducted the transaction, hustled to my car, drove all the way back to the store and called the non-emergency police line.” – afambelafonte

“They looked like collections of random sticks a la ‘The Blair Witch Project.'”

“[At one house], there were a bunch of wind chimes, some just looked like collections of random sticks a la The Blair Witch Project. The guy comes out drunk and doesn’t have any teeth. He mumbles unintelligibly and asks if I’d like to come inside. I say no, my deliveries are timed, and the store keeps track of the houses on my route. He looks slightly irritated, hands me a wad of cash and takes the pizza. I didn’t even count it, just noped [sic] out of there with the creepy wind chimes in the background.” – Wrackspurtsnollygost

“Two cop cars pull up to the door …”

“Arrived at a home to deliver a pizza and nobody is opening the door. I wait for about 2 minutes, and I’m getting ready to leave. Two cop cars pull up to the door, and both policemen proceed to put on gloves, and one goes to his trunk and pulls out a shotgun. One of them walks up to me and says, ‘There won’t be any deliveries today.'” – Terry_Pandee

“The driver had piping hot pizza sauce thrown in his eyes.”

“A driver showed up to deliver the pizza, and the guy that answered the door was drunk and violent and ended up throwing the pizza in the driver’s face. The driver had piping hot pizza sauce thrown in his eyes, and then he fell down the stairs, breaking his arm.” – athzhr

“I drove to the nearest gas station with the knife still in my shoulder.”

“One night, I make a delivery to a trailer park. This guy with stringy, long hair comes around from the back and calls me over, saying he ordered the pizza. Soon as I turn the corner, he stabs at me with a hunting knife like Norman Bates. [I run back to my car] and drive to the nearest gas station with the knife still in my shoulder, where the clerk calls an ambulance.” – cannibaljim

Appreciate Your Delivery Drivers!

The above stories are excellent examples as to why you should appreciate the brave men and women who opt to be delivery drivers. Next time you call in an order to have it delivered, be sure to remember all the interesting stories you’ve read, and give them a heartfelt thank you for their speedy pizza service!

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