The History Of Pizza

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021
Fresh pepperoni pizza

When you go to enjoy your favorite, mouth-watering, slice of pizza- have you ever wondered where it came from? No, we don’t mean where you purchased it from or where they got the ingredients. But, who invented pizza in the first place? That’s where we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at a short rundown of the history of pizza. 


Where was pizza created?

naples italy

In the 1700s, Naples was a thriving city on the waterfront. It was filled with the working class, who often had no time to stop and cook large meals. This is how pizza came to be. It was an inexpensive way for people to have a quick bite to eat and also be able to get back to their work. 

How did pizza make its way to the US?

when pizza came to the us

While pizza had a hard time leaving the border of Naples, people in the United States began to replicate this delicious dish. Neapolitans came over to help in factory jobs and soon enough, the cities they stayed in developed their love for Italian cuisine. People in the United States began to turn to pizza for its convenience. It was easy to find places near their homes that sold it. Also, with the popularity of refrigerators and freezers beginning to make appearances in more and more houses, it was virtually found in almost every home across America. 

Has everyone always loved pizza?

man thinking

While it may be hard to believe, not everyone has always adored the Italian dish that we’ve come to love. Samuel Morse, who created the telegram, referred to pizza as “…like a piece of bread that has been taken reeking out of the sewer.” Which seems sort of bizarre, right? But it’s true! People used to associate pizza with being poor, which made some people feel as if the dish was “disgusting”.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about?

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