The Different Styles Of Pizza Crust

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021
illustrated image of man with pizza

There are so many different styles of pizza out there. A lot of times, the most popular style depends on where you live. Some places tend to lean more towards the history of the pizza crust and where it was created. 

Chicago style

This is a deep-dish style of crust. The pan is prepped with oil and butter to prepare for the dough. When the pizza is cooking, it soaks up those flavors to make a delicious pie. 

Detroit style

The Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular shape and is thick and slightly crispy. It is soft and airy and cooked in a deep dish pan to give it a unique texture. 

Stuffed crust

Stuffed crust pizza incorporates warm and gooey cheese throughout the outer edge of the crust to give it a little more taste. 

New York-style

This style of pizza is cooked for a shorter amount of time but is a large pie in general. This cult favorite is usually enjoyed by folding the slices in half due to their size.

St. Louis style

Quite different from the normal pizza crusts, this is a thin and crunchy crust. Due to the texture of the crust, it is normally sliced in squares instead of the traditional triangular shape. 


Due to the history of this style, it is made by hand. The makers will knead the dough with their hands instead of using a machine. They are baked in a wood-fired oven, giving it the sought-after authentic taste. 


This style of pizza normally doesn’t include sauce. It is infused with herbs and covered with olive oil before it is baked. The crust is covered with cheeses and other spices to give it a spectacular taste. This is normally used as an appetizer instead of the main course. 

No matter where you grew up, everyone has their favorite style of pizza. Whether it’s the traditional Chicago-style pizza or a cauliflower crust pizza, it is loved all over. Pizza is a staple food for almost every household in the united states. There are so many different ways to make it and what you can include on or in it. 

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