Why Does A Round Pizza Come In A Square Box?

Sunday, December 15th, 2019
pizza delivery square boxes

You probably don’t even give it a second thought; Pizza has always been delivered in square boxes. Have you ever taken a minute to wonder why? Why do round pizzas come in square container? There is no hard and fast answer, but it’s partially because round containers are too hard to make and square containers keep your meal safer. Also, early versions were square and that could have something to do with why pizzas come in square containers today.

It’s too hard to make a round box

Even if a container manufacturer could retool all of their machines to try and make a round container, it would be harder and much more time consuming. This round shape would not be worth the trouble. So, many containers have the same basic square shape. All that the manufacturer has to do is adjust the length, height and width of a standard square box and these boxes are ready to ship.

Also, the cost to retool the machines would be cost-prohibitive for pizza restaurants. It’s all about overhead and keeping costs down as much as possible. There’s no reason to have such an expensive box for the carrying of the pizza.

Square boxes keep round pizza safer

A square box for a round pizza means that the dough stops in the corners and cannot slide all over the place. Having a square box for a round pizza is a good idea for helping to get the pizza to its destination in one piece.

Early pizza was square

The first mention of this dough dates back to around 1000 AD in Italy and it is said that the first version was in a square shape. Ancestral versions looked more like a flat bread with meats. This ancient shape may have something to do with the way the box eventually evolved.

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