How To Reheat Your Pizza The Right Way

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
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Many people enjoy eating leftover pizza for breakfast or lunch, but reheating it often ruins the texture and taste. Microwaving leaves the crust soggy and takes away from the taste of your favorite pizza. There is a way that you can reheat your leftovers by microwaving them without taking away from their flavor.

Use a microwave safe plate to reheat the pizza

The first step in this process is to use a microwave safe plate. These types of dishes are made out of glass or ceramic, although some plastics are considered safe. Never use plastics that are not microwave safe, as these can leak dangerous chemicals into your pizza. Also, never use metal in a microwave as this material can damage your appliance or even start a fire.

The secret to reheating pizza in the microwave

Before you put the pizza on your microwave safe plate, place a paper towel in between the food and dish. This step will help keep the crust of the pizza from getting too moist. However, if the crust is extremely dry, this step is unnecessary. To get extra crispy crust, use parchment paper instead of a paper towel.

Next, fill a microwave safe cup about two-thirds full with water. Be sure the cup will fit with the plate, as this is the real secret to reheating pizza in the microwave. If the cup and plate will not fit together, you can put the plate on top of the mug, but be sure it balances properly.

How this method works

This method of reheating pizza works by producing steam. The steam soaks into the crust, toppings, and even sauce to create moisture. The crust becomes fluffy, but does not get soggy because the paper towel soaks up any excess moisture. For even better pizza, turn the power on your microwave to half-strength and cook in one minute intervals, checking the food after every minute.

Once the pizza is done, let all of the items sit until they have cooled down. The plate, cup, and food will be hot, so be careful when removing them from the microwave.

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