Popular Side Dishes To Go With Your Next Pizza

Monday, April 17th, 2017
pizza, salad, and cookie

Pizza is a full meal all by itself and if you choose a large, you are almost guaranteed to have leftovers. Adding sides to your pizza not only feeds more people but also makes it last for more than two meals. Many tasty side dishes pair well with pizza and most of them can be found on the menu of your favorite delivery restaurant!

Appetizers make great sides

When looking at the menu of your favorite delivery restaurant, look at the appetizers to see what might make a good side dish for your pizza. If you like spicy foods, choose buffalo wings or other spicy appetizers. Cheese bread and breadsticks are good choices for families, as they are mild and taste great with many dipping sauces.

Choose salad for a healthy side

Pizza places typically have multiple salad options to choose from like chef salads and tossed salads. Common dressing options include ranch, French, bleu cheese, Italian, and Caesar. There are even lighter options available with lower calories. Be sure to look at the toppings that are available at your favorite pizza restaurant so you can get the perfect salad as a lighter side dish.

Use desserts as side dishes

chocolate peanut butter sticks

For those who enjoy sweets alongside their favorite savory foods, desserts can be fun as a side dish. Pizza delivery restaurants usually have many desserts available on their menu. Common choices include cinnamon bread, apple pie pizza, and even chocolate chip cookies.

Other ideas for pizza side dishes

buffalo wings and ranch dressing

If you look at the menu of your local pizza restaurant, you may find that they offer more than just pizza, appetizers, and salads. Spaghetti and meatballs, or just spaghetti with marinara sauce, are commonly found at pizza restaurants. Another option you can try is lasagna, which could be served as a meal or a side.

Subs are a great option for those who prefer something other than pizza or pasta. You can find many types of sub sandwiches to meet anyone’s tastes, including meatballs, ham and cheese, and even vegetarian options or healthy wraps.

Choosing sides based on your pizza

When choosing sides for pizza, consider pairing flavors for the ultimate meal. For example, if you are getting a taco pizza, think about getting something cheesy as a side. For more familiar flavor combos, you can pair a pepperoni pizza with bread sticks and some ranch dressing. If you’re ordering a pizza with strong flavors like a supreme pizza, consider a lighter option like salad to balance out the meal.

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