Mozzarella Has Been Proven To Be The Best Cheese For Pizza

Friday, February 24th, 2017
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Pizza is a popular dish in nations across the world. Part of what makes this dish unique is the layer of cheese on top. Which cheese is the best choice for pizza? Scientists recently asked this question and came up with the best answer they could find – mozzarella. According to these scientists, there are several aspects of mozzarella cheese that make it the best option for pizza. Continue reading to learn more about their results and why mozzarella is hailed as the best cheese for pizza.

Why is mozzarella the best?

Mozzarella melts without burning better than any other cheese. A group of food scientists from the University of Auckland wanted to figure out the science of some common pizza cheeses. The researchers cooked several types of pizza using different cheeses, like cheddar, mozzarella, edam, and gruyere. The pizzas were studied with cameras and computer software to measure how they browned, the amount of oil they produced, and their elasticity.

Detailed diagrams of each pizza were made based on the measurements. Mozzarella was found to have a special bubbling capability. The cheese has channels of fat content which is surrounded by protein, making it highly elastic. When the mozzarella is baked, the water inside it evaporates, causing bubbling to occur. The stretchy nature of mozzarella allows the bubbles to grow large, causing oil to sit on top of the bubbles and brown. The cheese bubbles eventually pop, leaving a browned top layer.

Other cheeses and variables

The other varieties of cheese were found to be less flexible and did not have the same fat content. These factors caused them to perform worse than mozzarella cheese when baked. The results did not account for other toppings, such as meat, sauce, and vegetables.

More than finding the perfect cheese for pizza, this type of research could lead to a better understanding of food preparation. Studies such as these allow for scientists to learn how to change certain properties in foods. For example, scientists could create a low-fat cheese that tastes almost exactly like its fatty counterpart or a crust that remains firm in the fridge. Whatever the case, everyone wins when it comes to making pizza taste great.

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