Love Pizza? You Can Reduce Calories By Blotting The Grease

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
girl eating pizza with grease blotted off

Even though pizza is so popular, there are some controversies surrounding this favorite and easy meal. New York and Chicago have a rivalry about which city has the best version of pizza that shows no sign of being resolved anytime soon. Government officials have been made fun of for using a fork and knife instead of their hands to eat this classic meal. However, some people consider the most controversial question about pizza to be whether or not blotting the grease can reduce calories. Those who blot have some good news to celebrate. Blotting grease off the cheese is a measurable way to make pizza healthier.

What happens when you blot pizza with a napkin?

There is no strict agreement among scientists regarding how many calories are removed when you blot grease off your pizza. There has been limited government research done on this issue, so there is no one right answer.

However, a Food Network series called Popular Food Detectives found the approximate number of calories removed by blotting. The host of the show and some research individuals from Popular Science determined that about 3.5 grams of oil comes off when you blot grease. This equates to about 35 calories per slice.

How blotting makes your pizza healthy

An average slice of pizza has about 272 calories. If you blot off 35 calories per slice, you are reducing the caloric load by about 13 percent. If you are a nutrition savvy reader, you might realize that 35 calories is equal to one, one hundredth of 3,500 calories. This is the number that most doctors agree is equal to one pound of human fat.

Labdoor Magazine published an infographic with more realistic calculations. They decided to use a pepperoni pizza from a popular chain as the standard, and they calculated the total calorie reduction for one year. The magazine based their study on the national average for pizza consumption, which works out to 35 pounds of pizza per American every year. The result of these calculations was that blotting grease off pizza every time you eat it can soak up about 6,611.2 calories each year. This works out to be about two pounds of fat, if you can avoid adding fat to your body.

You must be careful when blotting your pizza. It is possible to make a mistake and remove delicious and healthy toppings or sauce when you are applying your napkin to the grease. If you choose to blot, just remember to do so gently so you don’t lose any of your food.

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