Why Does Leftover Pizza Taste So Good Cold?

Monday, May 18th, 2020
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Cold pizza is considered to be one of the best types of leftovers by some and one of the worst by others. Some would say they prefer their pizza hot, melty, and crispy, while others like a chewy texture better. The following will tell you why leftover pizza tastes good when it is cold.

The science of cold pizza

As a general rule, the taste of leftovers will depend on the structural properties of the food. Sushi is a good example of a food that is meant to be consumed within 24 hours of its creation. It is not recommended that you save this meal for later. As soon as fish dies, the bacteria that was already present begins to attack the food. This causes it’s taste and texture to deteriorate. Something similar occurs in salad made with chicken and dressing. The leaves begin to wilt as soon as you pour the dressing onto the salad. The more salt that is present in the dressing, the faster they will soften.

Certain foods improve with time

Some foods like curry, pizza, and stew will actually benefit from spending some time in the fridge. Meals that improve over time all share one thing in common. Aromatic properties can add a certain pungency to these dishes, and the cold temperatures create a different texture.

When you enjoy something like curry that comes hot from the kitchen, the flavors are distinct. However, once the food begins to cool down, individual flavors begin to meld together. The result is a more mellow, full flavor without the original strength.

This is what makes pizza the perfect candidate for the leftovers hall of fame. Since pizza is packed with a medley of herbs and garlic, the aromas and flavors get a chance to settle together after a night in the fridge. The aromatic ingredients mix with the sauce, cheese, and toppings on the pizza, creating a unique flavor experience.

The usual pizza dough consists of certain fibers that help trap water molecules, keeping some moisture that would otherwise turn into a big soggy mess. Also, the fact that the water and oil don’t mix works in your favor, causing the melted cheese to actually settle above the tomato sauce. Because of this, the fat does not go through to the base, which makes the pizza taste much better.

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