How Pizza Can Be Your Secret Weapon As An Employee

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
Use pizza to your advantage

What if we told you that you can use pizza to your advantage to make sure you become  a company’s most valuable employee?  OK, OK, maybe it’s not as simple as that…but knowing how to use pizza to your advantage is definitely one of the more innovative ways you can make your mark in the workplace.

It’s not an outrageous notion if you really think about it. But if you can’t possibly think of how you can use a pizza pie to your advantage in climbing the career ladder, keep reading! We’ll cover a few of the many ways a pizza can be used to prove your value as an employee.

Everyone Likes Pizza

You’ll be hard pressed to find a person who says they don’t like pizza. Toppings are a source of debate, sure. But pizza is like the little black dress of food: timeless, classic, and good for every occasion.

Which leads us to the next point

Use Pizza To Your Advantage At Company Potlucks

Company potlucks are a great way to get a variety of food options for an employee event. Half of the attendees will probably opt to buy prepared food from the grocery store or deli. The other half will make a favorite recipe at home to bring to the office.

But you never really know how clean other peoples homes are, do you? Nor do you know if they washed their hands before mixing up the ingredients.

That’s where it gets iffy.

And that’s where you can swoop in with a tried and true crowd favorite: oven-fresh pizza.

Chances are, the big bowl of coleslaw that Pete (who the whole office knows smokes like a chimney indoors and has two longhaired cats) brought will be barely touched, while your box of pizza is empty.

You used pizza to your advantage here in providing a safer and more palatable food to your coworkers.

Are Your Coworkers Stuck In a Long Meeting? Be The Hero!

Meetings are a normal component of an office worker’s workweek. These meetings can run the gamut of a workplace’s daily activities. Meetings with clients, employee meetings, new-hire or safety orientations, we could go on for days.

The one thing all these compulsory appointments have in common is that they’re never as short as they should be. They’ll drag on far past their 30-minute allotments on a regular basis.

But the worst type of meetings are the ones that take an unexpected turn for the worse and suddenly they run much longer than expected. These extended meetings are incredibly detrimental to employee morale. Further, there are few things in the world as unpleasant as a room full of grumbling, irritable, and hangry (“hungry” + “angry“) workers.

That’s where you should come in with a sure-fire energy boost: oven-fresh pizza. Everybody gets a slice, hunger pangs are soothed, morale improves, and the interminable meeting suddenly doesn’t seem quite as intolerable as it once was, and it soon comes to its end.

Pizza was your secret weapon here because you brought something good to the office table.

With Pizza, You’ll Always Be Ready! (Even When You Really Weren’t)

Pizza is a versatile food that appeals to a variety of tastes and preferences. And, thanks to the popularity of pizzerias, it’s available at the drop of a hat, generally speaking! This means you can quite likely use pizza to your advantage for any of those big events and important occasions that you should have prepared for–but forgot about completely instead.


Here’s a good scenario to explain….

Example: Carol’s Retirement Party

Carol is the beloved front desk receptionist, a position she’s held for 42 years! She’s been with the company through thick and thin and this year she made the decision to retire. A month ago, everyone in the office agreed to put together a small celebration in honor of hardworking Carol’s well-deserved retirement.

You knew about this party because you helped plan it! But as you walk into the office, you realize that the date of the party slipped your mind (uh-oh and oh-no) and Carol’s retirement party is today! And worse, you came to work empty-handed!

Easy solution, do a quick search to find a pizzeria that’s a little more upscale, but still does delivery. Go ahead and splurge for a unique pizza that everyone will enjoy. Think along the lines of “French margherita pizza with goat’s cheese and kale”. Ordering a fancy gourmet pizza for Carol’s retirement party is a thoughtful contribution that will seem as if you planned the gesture days before the event (hah!)

In Conclusion….

These are just three ways that pizza can be your secret weapon as an employee. If you know when to seize the opportunity use pizza to your advantage, you’ll quickly find yourself reaping the benefits. You’ll find that it helps you to swiftly handle a multitude of workplace challenges, navigate the choppy sea of office politics with ease, and curry favor with even the most dour of coworkers–all because you know when to order some cheesy pizza pie.