Gas Pizza Ovens Vs. Electric Pizza Ovens

Friday, December 11th, 2015

There are many ways to cook a pizza, but not all of them are equal. When it comes to cooking pizzas in an oven, there are two distinct types of ovens: gas and electric. Which type of oven is better, and why? Whether you own a pizza restaurant or you’re cooking pizza to enjoy as a meal, it’s good to understand the differences between gas and electric pizza ovens.

Gas pizza ovens

A traditional gas oven is less expensive than an electric oven, which is a benefit for some home chefs. Gas pizza ovens are cheaper to purchase and maintain. A gas oven is generally used for making regular pizzas using screens. Since these appliances aren’t as large as electric ovens, they may not fit an oversized pan, which is required to make various pizzas. Although this limitation is a downside to gas ovens, they are perfect for making small amounts of customized pizzas, rather than large pizzas.

Though they are harder to operate and may require more labor and time, gas ovens create pizzas that don’t taste like mass produced products. Gas pizza ovens may be perfect for home use or for a small restaurant. However, these appliances may not be the right choice for a busy restaurant due to time constraints and difficulty of use.

Electric pizza ovens

An electric oven is more modern and more easy to use, but also more costly than a gas oven. Electric pizza ovens can give each product a uniform, similar taste, so they may not work as well for specialized crusts, types, and flavors. Perfect for a busy restaurant, electric ovens cost more upfront, but they require less time and labor to operate overall.

Electric appliances are large and can accommodate different types of pans, such as deep dish and thin crust, to create a variety of pizza types. Using a simple conveyor belt system, the electric oven cooks perfect products easily. Electric pizza ovens require less time and training for employees, which can cut costs overall for pizza restaurants.

At the end of the day, choosing a pizza oven comes down to personal preference. Electric ovens create pizzas that taste and look the same and are less expensive to run, but are more costly to purchase. Gas ovens make pizzas with a different taste and flavor each time, which is great for creating customized products. However, gas ovens take longer to use and may require more time and training for employees or home cooks.

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