How To Choose A Healthier Pizza

Monday, March 7th, 2016
healthier pizza

In today’s world we are confronted with the benefits of eating healthy on TV, radio, billboards, magazine ads, and social media. These ads and announcements tell us how eating healthier reduces the risk of disease and improves overall health. So how do you order your favorite pizza and still stay healthy?

Tips for eating a healthier pizza

There are ways to continue eating pizza and stay healthy at the same time. One way is to eat this food in moderation. Dietitians will recommend one slice from an extra-large and two slices from a medium sized pizza as an appropriate serving. There are personal sizes available from most pizza restaurants, which are perfect for someone who is trying to eat healthier and still enjoy this food. These pizzas can be shared and ordered with a side salad to make a healthier meal.

Dietitians suggest many things when you order the ingredients for your pizza so your choice is healthier. Ordering a thin crust will give you less calories, as will choosing to go light on the cheese. Eating pizza is a great way to include vegetables in your diet like mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. These vegetables are low in calories and are healthy items for any diet. Fruits have become a favorite ingredient for toppings on a pizza, as they are also healthier alternatives to traditional toppings.

Healthier menu options for your pizza

Check the menu and you will most likely find a selection of lean protein options. Meat choices like Canadian bacon, chicken breast, chicken sausage, or shrimp are healthier toppings. Many menus also have a heart healthy section, which includes whole wheat crusts that are always a great choice for eating healthier.

There are ingredients to stay away from when trying to order a healthier pizza. Ingredients like Alfredo sauce, processed meats, and extra cheese should be avoided if you are trying to eat healthy. Stuffed crust options should also be avoided, because they add about 30 calories, two grams of fat and about 90 milligrams of sodium to each slice.

Pan style or deep dish pizzas will also carry more calories. Some deep dish pizzas will give you 350 calories or more per slice with 18 grams of fat. A regular slice has about 280 calories with 11 grams of fat. Thin crust pizza can reduce this amount by 80 calories per slice.

When you go out to have pizza, start with a salad first. Research shows a large mixed salad before a meal will reduce your appetite, so you will want to eat less. Another tip for reducing the calorie intake on your pizza is to blot. You can shave anywhere from 30 to 40 calories from each slice by blotting off the grease.

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