The Best Pizza Topping Combinations For Unique Flavors

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Pizza is by far the preferred meal by people of any age. Kids love this food for lunch or for their birthday celebrations, and adults love it during an evening out or when watching sports at home. One of the best things about pizza is is that you can use any toppings for it. You can experiment with ingredients or check out some of the best pizza topping combinations below to get ideas for your next meal.

Barbeque sauce with chicken

If you love that special combination of barbeque sauce over chicken, you will love it on your pizza. These toppings offer a whole new way of experiencing this favorite summertime food.

Black olive and pineapple

This is the perfect pizza for the vegetarian or anyone who loves the combination of sweet and savory flavors. The combination of these two toppings also makes a very attractive meal with the contrasting yellow and black, along with the red tomato sauce.

Kale, ricotta, and sausage

To prepare this meal you should lightly steam the kale before placing and baking it on your pizza. You want this topping to be wilted and bright green. When you bake the pizza the kale will get crispy, giving this meal an enjoyable texture combination.

Ham and pineapple

This topping combination may not be a new idea, but it is certainly a favorite one. Many know this combination as the Hawaiian Pizza, a name that most likely came from the pineapple topping. Typically, the meat on this meal is Canadian bacon, but other types of ham can be used.

Bacon and shrimp

This is another good combination of toppings for a summer cookout that includes pizza and grilled flavors. The shrimp and bacon should be cooked before being placed on your pizza. Crumble the bacon and sprinkle it over the sauce. Adding red onions to this creation is also an option for additional great flavor.

Four cheese

For this pizza creation you can top your dough with a red tomato sauce. What makes the taste of this combination so unique is the blend of four different cheeses: Gorgonzola, Asiago, Mozzarella and Pecorino. This is definitely a cheese lover’s meal.

Tangy, nutty pizza

This is an unusual topping combination, as it includes the unique crunchy sensation of walnuts. Blue cheese and salty, smoked ham are added to the texture of the walnuts, creating a unique and tasty pizza.

Taco pizza

This is a Mexican treat for those that love tacos as much as pizza. You can put these two flavors together by combining the ingredients of the taco and baking them on a crust with picante sauce.

Supreme pizza

With this pizza you can use all your favorite toppings, including onions, green peppers, and mushrooms, and combine them with sausage. These toppings make a terrific blend of flavors.

Creating new flavors with traditional pizza toppings

When you want to try new pizza flavors, you can try some of the above combinations. Another way to try new flavors, while using your favorite ingredients, is to try combining some of the following traditional toppings.

Pineapple doesn’t just go with ham. You can add this tangy ingredient to any pizza including beef, sausage, or even pepperoni to create an especially flavorful meal.

Although the sauce is made from tomatoes, they are ground or blended to the point you cannot recognize them. Including a few chopped tomatoes will add even more of a tangy flavor and create a visually appealing pizza.

Another traditional topping you can use is peppers, which come in a variety of colors and flavors. Peppers can be added to any number of pizzas to create a great flavor combination and a visually appealing meal.

Mushrooms themselves do not add a whole lot of flavor, but including them with some garlic and onions will give your food a new twist. This topping combination is actually one of the most ordered on a pizza.

There is some debate among pizza lovers about which is the better olive to use as a topping. The choice is between salty or subtle flavors, with green olives providing a stronger flavor. Either choice can be combined with almost every topping to add a twist to traditional pizza.

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