Arzar’s Spring Break Diary Entry

Monday, April 4th, 2022
arzar's diary

They have taken me somewhere. Somewhere I’ve never been before. Granted, I’ve never been to earth, but still. 

Who do they think they are? Just because I’m not a human doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want with me. 

They put me in the car, I know this because we have cars back home. 

They began to drive very quickly and recklessly. I started to hear lots of noise before we pulled to a stop. 

I’m worried, what are they going to do to me? Eat me? Kill me? What is it?!

They took me out of the car and pulled the bag off of my head. There were so many humans surrounding me. There was something else I noticed… There was a large body of water behind them. I later found out that this was called a “pool.” Whatever that is. 

Suddenly, some guy walked up to me. I tensed up. Is this the moment where I become their next meal? 

There were so many thoughts running through my mind when he blurts out the words “Hey man! Welcome to our Spring Break party!” 

Spring break? What is that? Are they going to spring me into this thing they call a pool and break me? 

But the opposite happened. Everyone began to introduce themselves to me, and they even offered me this thing they call “beer.” 

I finally felt comfortable here on Earth. They treated me as if I was a human being. They were kind, funny, but they were also pretty loud. I think that beer did that to them, who knows. 

The people who brought me here even brought some pizza with them! Since I’ve been stuck inside of Pizza Planet, their pizza is the only thing that I know I love. It’s amazing. 

Maybe this is the start of finally becoming friends with the humans. Who knows what’ll happen next…

Pizza Planet

Arzar is definitely finding new adventures, but the one thing he knows is Pizza Planet. Order some of our delicious pizza today and celebrate spring break the right way!