Arzar’s Diary Entry #3

Monday, January 17th, 2022
arzar's diary entry

Date: January 10. 2022

Diary Entry #3 – Amore Pepperoni Adventure 

Dear Diary, 

The next thing I knew, the room was filled with smoke and I couldn’t see anything. Then I passed out again.

I woke to the smell of something. Something that made my tastebuds water like the rivers we had back home.

What was this deliciously tasty smell? I had to know.

The smoke was gone and so was everyone else. So, I found a place to hide.

I hid inside a cabinet where no one could find me. But I made sure that this cabinet would allow me to see what was going on outside.

I’d been in here for what seemed like hours when I heard someone coming.

It was the same girl from earlier. Her face looked very confused and she started pushing random buttons on a machine that had been next to her when I blacked out.

She pushed one of the buttons and this strange sound came out. But I realized what was happening.

There was a pizza coming out of this machine. A pizza with something on top of it.

I stayed quiet so I would be able to hear what the earthlings were saying. They were talking about the pizza toppings, something called “Amore Pepperoni.”

I had never heard of something so amazing.

I needed to taste it for myself.

So I came up with a plan.

I would wait until the girl left and then I would steal the pizza.

It was perfect! The girl had gone away, but she’d forgotten to take the pizza with her.

So, of course, I took it.

As soon as my tongue touched that delicious combination of melted cheese and perfectly crispy pepperoni… Well, let’s just say it was better than any food I’d had back home.

As I was enjoying this little slice of heaven,  the girl came back.

I was so surprised, I dropped the slice of pizza and tried to run away.

But a net caught me and everything went black again.

Pizza Planet

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