7 Unusual Pizza Toppings People Actually Enjoy

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Although there are many common pizza toppings, there are also some unusual toppings available that people actually enjoy. When you think of toppings, you may think of steaming hot cheese or tasty pepperoni, but these choices are not unusual. Toppings like pineapple and anchovies are not unheard of, either. Trying gourmet pizzas, like chicken fettuccine Alfredo or Margherita, is a good change from the usual types of this meal. However, these types of pizzas are still quite common.

Would you eat any of these seven unusual toppings? You could try taco style pizza toppings, hamburger style pizza toppings, and even sweet pizza toppings. Other unusual choices include macaroni and cheese, Thanksgiving inspired pizza toppings, Irish inspired pizza toppings, and breakfast pizza toppings.

Taco style pizza toppings

Have you ever had a taco pizza? Though some may consider it unusual, taco toppings are not actually uncommon. Taco pizzas include everything that is in a taco, starting with seasoned ground beef, cheese, and lettuce. For the sauce, you can use traditional tomato sauce or use a layer of refried beans for a Southwestern taste. Drizzling this product with spicy dressing will enhance the taste further.

Corn is another topping that goes great on taco pizzas. This topping would go well with other taco ingredients like pico de gallo, lettuce, or vegetables on a vegetarian style taco pizza.

Hamburger style pizza toppings

If you like hamburgers, then you might enjoy hamburger or bacon cheeseburger pizzas. Adding American cheese and bacon strips to ground beef, with either tomato or barbecue sauce, will make a more enjoyable hamburger pizza.

Sweet pizza toppings

While peanut butter and jelly is something you would commonly find on a sandwich, this combination is also an unusual topping. If you are feeling daring, try the combination with your favorite crust as breakfast or dessert. Other sweet choices include chocolate chips, chocolate cookie pieces, and chocolate sauce, which can be used to make chocolate dessert pizzas.

Macaroni and cheese pizza toppings

Rising in popularity, macaroni and cheese pizzas take the beloved childhood staple and give it a grown up touch. A layer of macaroni and cheese is added to the top of the product, giving it a cheesy flavor. This unusual topping may sound weird, but many people actually enjoy the taste.

Thanksgiving inspired pizza toppings

Everybody enjoys a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but there are always leftovers. Instead of creating a turkey sandwich or turkey soup with the remaining turkey, why not try using this meat as a topping? Some pizza lovers pile turkey and other Thanksgiving foods on top of crust for a combination of their two favorite meals.

Irish inspired pizza toppings

If you are of Irish descent, or just love Irish food, you may enjoy a corned beef pizza. Although this may seem unusual, many people enjoy the influence of of Irish cuisine on their pizzas. Corned beef, onions, cabbage, and carrots are all part of a traditional Irish meal that taste great on this food product.

Breakfast style pizza toppings

If you like breakfast, then why not choose to use eggs as a topping? You could put your sunny side up or scrambled eggs on top of crust. You could also include everything you would put in an omelet on pizzas, like veggies and cheese.

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