5 Ways That Pizza Is Good For Your Teeth

Thursday, August 10th, 2017
smiling blonde girl excited to eat pizza

There are a variety of health benefits you can receive from your favorite pizza. Did you know there are also several nutrients in pizza that promote healthy teeth? The cheese, meat, tomato sauce, and crust all contain nutrients necessary for a healthy mouth. Read below to learn more about why pizza is good for your teeth.

The cheese

Cheese is a staple ingredient on most pizzas. Cheese contains calcium, a nutrient necessary for tooth maintenance and formation. By eating pizza, you are consuming more calcium. In addition to the health of your teeth, this nutrient promotes blood pressure regulation and water balance by working with magnesium, potassium, and sodium in the body.

The meat

Although cheese is rich in protein, adding meat to your pizza will boost the protein content significantly. Your mouth and teeth require protein to maintain their structure. Protein is also essential for immune function and the development of muscle and connective tissue.

The tomato sauce

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C. This infection-fighting vitamin prevents periodontal disease, tooth aches, decay, and other common issues related to your teeth. Studies have shown that insignificant levels of vitamin C in the body can lead to bleeding gums. Additionally, the calcium and lycopene found in tomato sauce is helpful in preventing oral cancer.

The crust

It may sound silly, but the crust of your pizza is actually pretty important and can be beneficial to your teeth. The crunchy or chewy texture of pizza crust actually helps to stimulate your jaw. Chewing helps to build facial muscle tone and reduces sugar clearance by increasing your salivary flow.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is found in several ingredients that are common in pizza. Meat and cheese, which are two of the most popular toppings, are great sources of vitamin B. Symptoms of low levels of vitamin B include a burning sensation in your mouth. In some cases, your tongue can become swollen, causing swallowing to be difficult. Vitamin B, which contributes to the maintenance of your mouth and its tissues, is also important to your overall health. This nutrient supports increased energy levels, better heart health, and healthier digestion, among other benefits.

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