5 Ways You Can Make Your Pizza Healthier

Monday, January 23rd, 2017
Pizza for every occasion

Most people would not think of pizza as a healthy meal choice, but you can make healthy choices that improve the nutritional value of this dish. Choosing a different crust, ordering nutritious vegetables, and eating less can help you enjoy this meal without feeling guilty. The following five tips will help you choose a healthier pizza next time you have a craving.

Choose a healthier crust

You can still enjoy pizza if you are on a no-carb diet or have issues with gluten. Consider having the toppings taken off the crust and placed alongside a salad. If you want to eat crust, consider ordering a thin crust pizza to minimize the amount of carbs you consume.

Order more vegetables

Give some thought to ordering a vegetable pizza to experience more health benefits from your meal. Everyone can benefit from additional vegetables in their diet. If you want pizza and must have meat as a topping, order a pizza with both meat and vegetables. Adding a side salad will also help round out the meal.

Practice self control

Think about how much pizza you are eating. Moderate amounts of pizza are acceptable for most people, even if they are on a diet. It is when you consume too many slices that your diet and health may suffer. You can make yourself uncomfortable and add too many calories to your diet in one sitting when you do not practice self control.

Choose different toppings

Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers are healthy topping choices. Another health-conscious choice you can make is to ask for less cheese on your pizza than you would normally order. Using less cheese is a great way to reduce fat, without changing the taste of your favorite dish.

Enjoy your food

There are many ways to modify pizza to be a healthier meal choice. However, you can order the dish exactly the way you like it every once in awhile too. It is healthy to give yourself permission for an occasional cheat meal.

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