5 Tasty Appetizers To Liven Up Your Next Pizza Night

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
Pizza appetizers and sides

Family gatherings, parties, or just a Friday night in are always better with food. If you’re ordering pizza, but would like some options outside of the usual pie, then you need a good appetizer to complement the entree. An appetizer is usually eaten before the main course, but some make great sides to your meal as well. Check this list for the best appetizers to go with your next pizza.


Sometimes you may want to add a healthier side to your pizza party. Salads are a great appetizer to balance out the excess calories that can sometimes come with this meal. Starting with a salad before your dinner can reduce the amount of food you eat while still feeling full. Ask your local pizzeria about chef salads or even caesar salads, as both pair well with any type of pizza. Don’t forget to ask about different types of dressing for your salads as well.


Fries are another great appetizer option for pizza night. Some places offer loaded fries, like buffalo fries that come topped with melted cheese and bacon. This food works nicely as an appetizer or side because it is an easy-to-grab snack that you and your guests will love. Be sure to ask your local pizzeria about what type of fries they have and add-ons.

Buffalo wings

What better way to start off your pizza party than with hot wings? Buffalo wings are a great finger food to snack on before the main course. Ask your local pizzeria what type of wings (boneless or traditional) and sauces are available. Many pizza shops also offer dipping sauces to go along with your wings such as ranch, blue cheese, and extra buffalo sauce.

Cheesy bread and breadsticks

Cheesy bread consists of thick cuts of bread covered with melted cheese that is mixed with herbs and spices, and served with a side of marinara sauce. It’s a mouth-watering appetizer made for a group or party to share. Bread sticks are another common appetizer for pizza. Both of these are great tasting, mild options that usually come with dipping sauces and taste great alongside pizza.

Other options for appetizers

Many pizza delivery places also offer a broad menu outside of pizza. Some of these menus include sub-sandwiches, spaghetti with meatballs, and even lasagna that can be delivered right to your party or event.

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