4 Marketing Tactics That Will Cripple Pizza Competitors

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The pizza market has exploded into a very lucrative, diverse and popular competition. There are several varieties of pizza offered today from different crust types, ingredients used and method of baking that give customers many choices. People don’t ask, “Should we have pizza tonight?”. Now, people are asking, “Where should we get pizza from?” To stay ahead in this market you need to know four marketing tactics that will cripple your pizza competitors.

Determine your demographic

You should design your advertising to reach your targeted demographic with specific and straightforward messages. Smartphones are now a great way to reach consumers. Most smartphone owners never leave their phone out of sight and they are always in reach. This marketing strategy is surpassing email marketing as those rates have dropped considerably in the past year.

The smartphone can also replace those expensive punch cards that have been used for many years. It has been shown that few customers continue to use punch cards after three months. By this time, customers have lost or forgotten about the cards. Changing to a mobile based program will keep your customers active long after those punch cards have been thrown away.

Find out what makes customers satisfied or dissatisfied

The next marketing tactic is to find out what makes customers satisfied or dissatisfied. Start with your customers first to make sure you are meeting their expectations in customer service and quality.

When you have taken care of your own your customer base, move on to your competitor’s customer reviews. Find out what type of pizza is doing best for them, what their customers don’t like and how their customer service is in handling unhappy customers. You can learn a lot from your competitor’s reviews, including which promotions are generating more pizza orders.

Train your staff to be knowledgeable about your pizza product

Training your own staff and getting them involved and knowledgeable on your pizza will increase their performance on the job. This increase in performance is going to show on how they deal with your customers. It has been proven that customer retention is higher when employees are engaged in their work.

Create incentives for your loyal customer base

One of the top strategies for marketing pizza is to focus on your existing customers. Find incentives for your existing customers to come at different times during the week by offering them discounts or incentives. For example, an incentive could include a buy one get one deal.

When using incentive programs, make sure the program is going to make you money. Don’t spend money on marketing that will not generate an increase in your pizza sales.

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