4 Genius Hacks For Reheating Pizza

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
pepperoni pizza

There is no denying that pizza is one of the most accessible and popular foods on the planet. There are so many ways to prepare and enjoy this favorite dish. It should not come as a surprise that people are working to create hacks to make the dish even more enjoyable when reheated. The following are four genius pizza hacks you should try next time you order delivery.

Prevent mushy crust when reheating

Leftover food can be just as good the second time, but you have to use the right heating technique. You can reheat a slice in the oven, but a microwave will do the job if you are running short on time. To keep from ruining a leftover slice, place a small glass of water in the microwave alongside the pizza. The water acts as a “heat sink” to help keep the moisture in the crust from evaporating. You can also put a paper towel under the pizza to soak up any excess moisture.

Use a clothing iron for reheating

This is a great hack for a college kid or anyone without a microwave. All this method takes is an iron and aluminum foil. Turn a slice top-side down on the foil. Use a second piece of foil for the bottom of the slice and place a hot iron on top of it. Flip the foil package over and heat the other side with the iron.

Waffle-iron pizza to heat it up

This trick is not new, but it is popular because it is so delicious! Take a slice of pizza and fold it in half. Next, cut off the crust. Place the slice in a preheated waffle iron. Heat the pizza for about five minutes. The waffle iron creates little nooks that are perfect for dipping sauces.

Make a pizza sandwich

Add a slice of cheese to the middle of two slices of pizza. Place the pizza sandwich into a preheated pan and cook for about three minutes. Cook the sandwich on medium-to-high and discard or keep the crust depending on what you like. You will know it is done when the cheese in the middle is bubbly and the pizza is heated all the way through.

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