3 Reasons Why You Should Tip Your Delivery Driver

Monday, March 22nd, 2021
cartoon image of guy on bike delivering pizza

When ordering food online, it is sometimes an afterthought that you should be tipping your delivery driver. Even though they aren’t waiting on you in a restaurant setting, they are still taking their time to personally deliver your food to your doorstep. Some delivery drivers don’t make any more than minimum wage and depend on tips for income. Below are the top reasons why we think you should tip your drivers. 

They need to survive too- duh

Here is why we believe you should tip your pizza delivery driver:

  • If they have good service
  • If they deliver your food on time
  • If they bring all of the correct items (which sometimes isn’t the driver’s responsibility)

The standard 15% or 20% can also be a good choice when determining the amount you should tip your driver. This will help to ensure that the drivers are making a steady income so they can provide for themselves. 

They have to pay for their vehicle maintenance

Most delivery drivers are required to use their vehicles for deliveries. Because of this, they are putting themselves and their cars at risk every time that they make a delivery. 

While most places require a delivery fee, these don’t always go directly to the drivers. You should not use the delivery fee to go into the gratuity. Along with the delivery fee, there tends to be a minimum amount that you can order before delivery is even an option. If you are having a large party or get-together, remember, you only have one delivery driver bringing all of the food that you may have ordered. So, while you are enjoying your company, your delivery driver is hard at work with all of the pizzas you ordered and trying to get them to you promptly.

They personally deliver to your doorstep

Even though you are ordering your food through a restaurant or a delivery service, someone will be personally handling your food. If you are ordering online, there is normally an option to tip your driver before you actually receive your food. In our opinion- you should definitely do this before you receive your food. While this isn’t always necessary to do so beforehand, with certain delivery services, drivers might tend to deny delivering your order if they see there is no tip for them. They are barely making money as it is, so they are most likely surviving off of the tips they receive. 

In general, with any service industry job, it is standard to tip the person doing the job. It is just being a good human. 

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